Music Meets Fashion

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Closer to my dreams these are the words that everyone wants to be able to say in theI beginning of their career. We as individuals strive to reach our goals; making our lives dreams the concept of our reality. For young rapper Blazye  (Steven Maye) these words have become more than intimate words that inspire him to grow in his career. Yet it is the root and beginning to his growth as an artist with his blossoming sweatshirt and t-shirt line that continues to grow and inspire, help, and promote individuals to make their dreams reality. His clothing line Closer to My Dreams was started the summer of 2012 continuing to be the high in the city of Bridgeport, CT. This young man continues to gain fans which he refers to as believers; inspiring to create songs that brand him and his line. His goal as rapper is to make music that interprets his views and sentiments. “Nothing is meant to be hidden!” (Blayze) That is the quote he lives by.

#ClosertomyDreams “Victory” Style Black/Gray Hoddie

#ClosertomyDreams “Southbeach” Style Hoddie Turquoise/Pink


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