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Fashion advice is something we all need.. With fashion trends we all want to be up-to-date… It’s just a need to know type of thing. Being “In” is a never failing trend; we as humans just can’t dismiss or ignore. What is the next effin ensemble? Now that is the question us fashion lovers are always going to be asking… Well I got the new blogspot for you!! It has trends, it has tips, and let me tell you these girls got style– they know exactly what their talking about.

Heres a Short Bio From Their Page Blog Organizers Enrica & Kye & we are “The Ensemble”, the definition being two or more statement pieces that compliment one another to serve a common purpose. In other words, WE are the statement pieces giving our contribution to fashion. I know, I know, the fashion blog idea has been taken by nearly half of of population (numbers may or may not be accurate), but originality is true and what we have to offer is just another piece of bliss on these cold fashionable streets. Here, we will discuss any and everything that gives us life & in return hopefully give you inspiration as well. Expect to see head-to-toe looks, up-and-coming industry talent, beauty contests, collaborations, DIYs and all the other things us bloggers do. Hehe you can say :”the fashion blogger” after our names now! Quoted from her instagram page: “I fell in love with his style on the streets of New York; I was obviously still thinking about it when I went to work the next day. Hey, imitation is the best form of flattery right?” #boatshoes #boatsuit #inspireme #fashion

The Effin Ensemble


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