The Modern-day Garden of Eden

Bnrb (Blossoms in a Rosebush) comes to you bring you a new Image of what eden has grown to be. Indulge yourself in the captivity of a garden of artistry. The fruit of these garden are growing ripe and fresh. Surrounding by blossoms the capture is the essence of the walk of the the lord by the way david praised. We shall introduce you to the vocal point of mew founded Artist Fashion desgners, and dancers rooted in the word of God. Grace and Peace are fundamentals that swiftly carry these gifted individuals. Be not fool by the rose for the blossoms are the ones that have that unique gift of the blessings of the lord that will touch you heart and save your soul. Get entwined in the vines that will enrich your spirtual being.. Enjoy the podcast as reintroduce BNRB (Blossoms in a Rosebush)


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