Get entwined in our vines as we soon come to presented to you our newest blossom in the rosebush within the of Industry Fashion, Music, Dance and others. These individuals will bring you their unique vision on their growing garden of artistry. We at BNRB of course want to give you the most vibrant blossoms in our rosebush. Excuse me for addressing individuals this way; allow me to explain what I mean by blossoms in the rosebush. Life is filled with many individuals striving to succeed; with world of the Arts and many others being such a great industry people get lost in its garden. Anyone can be a rose or shall I say have talent. What is hard to find are those little blossoms– the individuals have that extra flare of passion along with a motivating talent; beyond what a mellow rose can give you. What they are is captivating!! What BNRB picks out for are those Blossoms in a Rosebush..  So give us time, BNRB will pick out over a dozen for you.. ^_^


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