Whos Blossom in a Rosebush

Silva Whyte Founder of BnRB

Currently Attending Mercy College
Major: Communications Studies (Public Relations)
Minor: Media Studies/Marketing
Age: 21
Instagram: silva_whyte
Facebook: Silva Whytes Bnrblifestyle
Twitter: desilvalove

I am career building individual as I continue to evolve my career I want to bring the blossoms in the rosebush up with me. Enter the my whyterosebush and indulge yourself with my blossoms.. Their pursuit for sucess shall intoxicate your inquiry. .


Inspiration as dancer constantly involve in the arts when it comes to fashion music and dance. I just want to put others out there because I know how hard it is to make it in the industry. Though as client with ideas minor skills n all these feilds its I also know how hard to find new things that are sufficient to my desire and needs. Though also as a choreographer I understand the difference between talent and a talented dancer with and desire to become passionate artistic individual with the pursuit to grow in their feild. These two indiviuals are completely different I dont want to bring you just talent but an artist with passion n a desire to perfect their craft and put forth time and effort to growth in their artistry.


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